Our story




In October 2011, Precious Present Truth Inc. began with a brainstorming meeting between the board of directors. Our own personal spiritual revivals were attributed to watching “Total Onslaught” by Professor Walter Veith, from Amazing Discoveries. We were eager to educate the people of Rwanda, who have limited spiritual resources, with present Biblical truth of the three angels’ messages (Revelation 14:6-12) presented powerfully by Walter Veith in his series “Total Onslaught”.


In 2012, we had an office in Kigali for duplicating and distributing this series to the educated, English speaking population in Rwanda. By August 2012, we realized that the language barrier was limiting the target audience, and we needed the message translated into the native languages.


In 2013, we hired two qualified translators to translate the series into Kinyarwanda and Swahili. These two languages extended the scope of the target audience to 200 million Africans in Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya, eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo and northeast of Zambia. Precious Present Truth’s Executive Director, Alexandre Ngamije who is fluent in both languages, checked the accuracy and quality of these translations.


In July 2014, the first voice-over translations of Total Onslaught in Kinyarwanda and Swahili were completed, distributed from the office in Kigali, and posted on our website. The DVDs were purchased, viewed, and became popular with Seventh-day Adventist members in Kigali.


In August 2015, we were impressed to expand our target audience, we leased the most popular TV station in Rwanda (www.TVoneRwanda.com), and started ongoing regular broadcasts. Due to the political history of Rwanda, and the explicitly clear explanation of forces behind political divisions, we were concerned that we would not be allowed to broadcast the entire series.  Despite our concerns, we decided to proceed with prayer, and broadcast as long as God kept that resource available to us. The entire 36 lecture series were broadcast.


In February 2016, we started rerunning the series, alternating with live programming hosted by Samuel Nyandwi and three spiritually mature, experienced Bible workers, Emmanuel Nzaramba Paulin Niyonzima and Patrice Rushenyi. These live programs contained 45-minute presentations, and a 15-minute question and answer period where callers could call-in and ask questions. These thoughtful questions, from a wide geographical area, were answered clearly from the Bible. Precious Present Truth is well-known and respected in Kigali.

In October 2016, we started TV broadcasting the Lingala “Total Onslaught” in Kinshasa, the capital city of Congo RDC. Our team-leader in Kinshasa, Lazare Ngadu, reports that interest in the broadcast is building.


Summary of God’s accomplishments:


We have completed voice-over translations of “Total Onslaught” by Walter Veith in Kinyarwanda, Lingala, and Swahili. We have recorded 30 lectures by local Rwanda teachers.


We have produced audio of“The Great Controversy” in Kinyarwanda. We anticipate completing audio of“The Great Controversy” in Swahili  and “Desire of Ages” in Kinyarwanda in two weeks.


We have completed Kinyarwanda and Swahili translations of “Truth Matters” that goes along with “Total Onslaught” series. We are nearing completion Kinyarwanda, and Swahili translations of “The BluePrint” by Ivor Myers.


Online Streaming through website:

Online programs in three languages (Kinyarwanda, Lingala, and Swahili) are viewed by Africans globally: Tanzania, Rwanda, many European countries, Australia and USA. For the year 2016, the videos views are 89,892 and time watched is 881,224 minutes.


TV Broadcasting:

We are actively TV broadcasting in Kinyarwanda in Rwanda, Lingala in Congo RDC, and Swahili in Tanzania. We anticipate radio broadcasting of Kinyarwanda “The Great Controversy” in Rwanda. We are actively expanding the scope of TV broadcasting to East Central African countries that speak English, French, Kinyarwanda, Swahili, and Lingala; the languages “Total Onslaught” has already been voice-over translated. We anticipate expanding TV broadcasting into Congo Brazzaville, Uganda, and Kenya.



The results of General Conference coordinated Total Member Involvement Evangelistic Meetings were record breaking; the Holy Spirit brought conviction to 100,000 people who were baptized. The East Central African Division of Seventh-day Adventist is planning an Evangelistic series in Tanzania in 2017.



In July 2016 The second TV station in Rwanda (TV 10) approached us, and requested that we use their station, too. One of the main newspapers of Rwanda, Umubavu.com, asked for articles explaining the messages we were broadcasting. They post regular articles about our programming, and have displayed prominently our logo with a direct link to our website.

In March 2016 Joseph Harindintwari, a pastor of Assembly of God (Pentecostal, speaking in tongues healing, emphasize holiness, evangelism, repentance when fallen from grace, and Satan is a literal being) , walked 6 hours to receive answers to his questions, so he could return and preach the truth to his church. Callers contacted Precious Present Truth Inc. to ask how to join the church, and they were told about the evangelistic series in May 2016.

In March 2016 We learned from the TV Station owners, that other preachers had asked them to stop broadcasting Precious Present Truth’s programming. The owners were convinced of the truth, and continued broadcasting despite cancelled programming and pressure from these Christian leaders. God continued to work in miraculous ways.

In November 2016, we had a guest on our TV program who was recently baptized during the Total Member Involvement Evangelistic Meetings in Rwanda. Elijah, formerly known as Abdul Karim, was a highly respected Shia Quran teacher who hosted a popular radio show for 25 years in Rwanda. He was independently reading his Bible, watched Precious Present Truth’s TV broadcasts, and covertly attended Total Member Involvement Evangelistic Meetings. Secretly, his wife attended evangelistic meetings at another site and made her commitment to Jesus and be baptized. While she waited on the riverbank for baptism, she witnessed her husband’s baptism. They were both thrilled! Abdul Karim changed his name to Elijah, as a testament of his commitment to Biblical truths and desire to be like his Biblical namesake. He is eager to preach an evangelistic series for the muslim community. During his TV testimony, he agreed that sharing his testimony on the TV program might be dangerous. But, he stated, “Even if I die, I will die with hope in Jesus.”

Also, in November 2016, we began broadcasting Swahili “Total Onslaught” in Tanzania. Our team leader in Tanzania, Nyamkingira, reports high interest in our broadcasts. We have also obtained feedback from a contact Alexandre Ngamije made at the General Conference a year ago; Esther reports that people were saying,”Who sponsors these broadcasts? Who is Professor Walter Veith? “Nothing like this has ever happened in Tanzania!”

In May 2016, Alexandre Ngamije, our executive director, actively participated in General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists coordinated Total Member Involvement (TMI) Evangelistic Series in Rwanda; by preaching, coordinating video documentation of the event, liaising with evangelistically minded individuals from around the world, specifically was approached by committed Seventh-day Adventist members from Tanzania who requested to work with Precious Present Truth to TV broadcast in their country. The results of the God led timing of Precious Present Truth TV broadcasting His truth (beginning 8 months before the evangelistic series) was record breaking, and the Holy Spirit brought conviction to 100,000 people who were baptized. The results of this wonderful outpouring of the Holy Spirits work were reported by the Adventist Review, including the previous record of 34,000 baptisms from one evangelistic series.




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